OPT Three-in-One Colour Theory, Correction & Brow Removal

OPT Training gives you the OPTimal Training Experience. Complete the Three-in-One Theory, Correction and Removal Online component in the comfort of your own home. Practice your skills and technique with the Professional Products Kit and practice pads included in your fee. Then benefit from the expertise of our Trainers in our facility classroom as you complete a theory assessment and hands-on Personalized Training with live models.

Colour Correction and Brow Removal can be incredibly challenging; it is best if an experienced trainer supervises you and provides you with constructive feedback and guidance on the first few live models you work on. As a Permanent Makeup Artist, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals for these three categories.

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The Course

As a Permanent Makeup Artist, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals for these three categories. Often artists “cover-up” old permanent makeup or microblading with either technique, but 99% of these treatments in fact worsen unwanted tones. After becoming certified in this course, you will feel more confident about your technique, and you will be able to correct work done poorly by other technicians or artists.

This course was developed and is taught by our founder, Lauren Spencer, who has more than a decade of experience resolving complex colour issues, often created by other technicians or as a result of neglected microbladed or permanent makeup.

The course will educate you on the first bloodless technique to hit the market for colour removal, colour theory when aged pigment break downs, colour theory while working through permanent makeup in the skin, and colour and shape correction. The course will include correction and removal techniques for the following areas: eyebrows, eyeliner and lip blushing.

As the industry has boomed over the past couple years, this is an area that has been ignored or overlooked. It is also one of the hardest areas to master,” says owner, Lauren Spencer. Lashforever Canada created this program to educate all permanent makeup and microblading artists on the intricate and demanding requirements of proper colour correction.

Lauren will also bring light to cancer awareness in pigments that contain horrible raw materials which have been identified by CMR of EU and Health Canada as carcinogenic.

The removal or correction of permanent makeup or tattoos is a delicate and precise task. Lauren has created the HDI Safe Removal system. Nor laser nor saline. It is a gel like formula that has a safe PH balance and targets only cells containing pigment. You and your clients will see immediate results!

The demand for Online Training rose dramatically with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  With today's technology, we have content in the palm of our hands, literally. Access to information has never been easier! Online learning can be suitable for many classes; however, practicing brow removal under the supervision of an experienced trainer is highly recommended. Lashforever Canada has developed OPT Training to include the benefits of both online learning and hands-on personal training in a classroom setting. Our classrooms, located at our head office in the GTA, will practice physical distancing between students, small classes, and safety best practices such as sterilization, wearing gloves and masks, and temperature taking.

Our Three-in-One Colour Theory, Correction and Removal OPT Training combines intensive OPT Training with our exclusive Lashforever Lash Collection of products in a Professional Kit of Products.


Lake Shore Blvd. W,
Etobicoke, ON
model days
One day per month
course cost
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What’s Included
  • Unlimited Online Course Access
  • Professional Product Kit
  • Ongoing Student Support
  • One Model Day with Personal Training
  • Lashforever Canada Certification**
OPT Three-in-One Colour Theory, Correction & Brow Removal

Register if you’re ready to start your Online Training Now! Or if you need more details, click the "More Info" Button.

annual earning potential
At $150 - $500 Per New Client
At $150 - $500 Per New Client
Appointments PER week
$15,000 - $50,000
At $150 - $500 Per New Client
Appointments PER week
$30,000 - $100,000
At $150 - $500 Per New Client
Appointments PER week
$45,000 - $150,000
Based on 50 weeks*


1. Comprehensive Skin Anatomy
Understanding the skins layers is a vital component to removal. You will learn skin depths as well as working through scar tissue. Benefits of our bloodless technique vs. laser and other methods of removal.
2. Colour Theory
  • Understanding pigment safe zone
  • Molecular product break down from top pigments in the industry
  • Unwanted colour change
  • Customizing colour for each skin type
3. Colour Correction
  • Colour correction through faded permanent makeup
  • How to determine the proper amount of fading
  • Correcting pigment brow/lip/liner
  • Correcting brow/lip/liner design
4. Removal
  • Benefits
  • Removal techniques
  • Modules and machine settings
  • Technique & Formula knowledge
Our head instructor Lauren will demonstrate a live model and how to assess each client. On day 2, students will be able to work on 2 live models to understand proper techniques.

6. Cancer awareness
  • Education on cancer awareness in pigment brands
  • Safety analysis
  • Benefits of Artliner

Lauren Spencer

My journey in this amazing industry began in 2008 in the basement of my mother’s house! I was passionate about the beauty industry and wanted the independence to create my own career path. I began small and gained the trust and respect of hundreds of brow and lash clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

Empowered by my success, I opened my first store in 2013. Over the years, I have focused on advancing my expertise by acquiring extensive industry knowledge; training in Toronto, Dubai, Europe, England, and Los Angeles.

In 2012, Lashforever Canada was created. My dream was to create my own brand covering services, training and lash and brow products. I wanted to ensure that a guaranteed level of proficient training and safety was standardized in the industry. I wanted to ensure that safe, quality products were easily available to other technicians. Creating my own brand took a lot of hard work, trial and error, and never-ending hours of writing training manuals. At the end of the day, this industry has become my life.

I am committed to making a difference in training, product quality, and am determined to continuously bring outstanding customer service to our clients. I am here because I love what I do! I want to provide confidence not only to my clients but also to my students. Join me in this wonderful adventure!

What Our Students Are Saying About Us

I traveled from Nova Scotia to attend the 6 day all-in-one pigmentation course. Love the hands on aspect of the course as, I myself learn better that way rather than reading from books and listening to someone explain. They were very professional and covered enough information and practice to feel confident enough to take it home with me and perform on my clients. Look forward to taking future classes with them. Thank you!

Jennifer Porter

I have trained with Lashforever Canada on 2 separate occasions. First was for permanent lash extension and the second was for Microblading. I am from Manitoba and travelling to Toronto Ontario was a no-brainer for me. Lashforever has the best educators, staff and facilities. I felt totally comfortable working on clients after leaving. I look forward to going back again to learn more about their cutting-edge techniques!

Cindy Broesky

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