TT&G Organic
Micro Mist Spray Tan

Add another service to your beauty business regime by offering the perfect tan application mixed with our anti-aging formula to achieve the best results to keep your clients continually returning.

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The Course

Looking to provide your clients with a service that provides endless beauty benefits while adding revenue to your business with minimal product cost? Look no further, because this TT&G Micro Mist Spray Tanning course is the perfect fit to expand or launch you into a career in the beauty industry.

Our micro mist spray tanning technology is paired with our anti-aging Tan Treat n’ Glow (TT&G) formula which is a unique high-performance formula designed to address the overall health of the skin by ensuring it receives a dose of powerful natural ingredients that moisturizes, restores, renews and firms the skin.

Our course ensures that each student is trained in how to apply the perfect application with customized techniques that benefit your client's skin and overall health.

Designed for beginners with no experience necessary. Every student will gain hands-on experience with our micro mist technology, will learn how to consult each client, and will gain valuable and extensive knowledge of the TT&G formula benefits. 

annual earning potential
At $45 - $85 Per New Client
At $45 - $85 Per New Client
Appointments PER week
$4,500 - $8,500
At $45 - $85 Per New Client
Appointments PER week
$9,000 - $17,000
At $45 - $85 Per New Client
Appointments PER week
$13,500 - $25,500
Based on 50 weeks*


Achieve the highest education and gain in-depth knowledge of TT&G Micro Mist Spray to provide your clients with the best results while answering any and all of their questions.
Learn in-depth knowledge of the products used in the process to keep your client informed, up to date, and feeling great about their choice to get a spray tan with you.
Understand how to set up different locations to provide the most optimal and comfortable service for your clients.
Learn to inform your client's of how to maintain their skin before and after a spray tan to achieve the best and most lasting results. This knowledge will strengthen your sales pitch and provide you with the confidence you need to run your own business.
Gain hands-on experience by working with live models in
order to achieve the confidence you need to provide this service to your own clientele.
Learn social media marketing techniques to help promote your new service while learning to post the most captivating and engaging content that will consistently seek out new clients while engaging with your existing clientele.

Schedule & Pricing

Lake Shore Blvd. W,
Etobicoke, ON
next dates
October 12, 2021
November 11. 2021
November 29, 2021
course cost
Tax not included
What’s Included
  • 1 day of Training
  • HVLP Micro Mist Machine
  • 1/2 Gallon of TT&G Formula
  • 1 Portable Tanning Tent
  • TT&G Pro Kit
  • Marketing Material
  • Access to LFC Support Team
  • Apprenticeship Opportunties
  • TT&G Certification
TT&G Organic Micro Mist Spray Tan Course

Ready to sign up? Click the “Register” button to reserve your spot with a $500 deposit. If you’re interested, but can’t register today, click the “Hold My Spot” button, we will hold your spot for 48 hours.

Lauren Spencer

My journey in this amazing industry began in 2008 in the basement of my mother’s house! I was passionate about the beauty industry and wanted the independence to create my own career path. I began small and gained the trust and respect of hundreds of brow and lash clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

Empowered by my success, I opened my first store in 2013. Over the years, I have focused on advancing my expertise by acquiring extensive industry knowledge; training in Toronto, Dubai, Europe, England, and Los Angeles.

In 2012, Lashforever Canada was created. My dream was to create my own brand covering services, training and lash and brow products. I wanted to ensure that a guaranteed level of proficient training and safety was standardized in the industry. I wanted to ensure that safe, quality products were easily available to other technicians. Creating my own brand took a lot of hard work, trial and error, and never-ending hours of writing training manuals. At the end of the day, this industry has become my life.

I am committed to making a difference in training, product quality, and am determined to continuously bring outstanding customer service to our clients. I am here because I love what I do! I want to provide confidence not only to my clients but also to my students. Join me in this wonderful adventure!

Additional Instructors

When you walk into Lashforever, chances are Mary-Ann’s face will be the first face you see. Not only does she handle the day to day of the of our training facility but she has extensive background knowledge in the beauty industry and has been with us for seven years. She specializes in teaching Classic & Volume Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, Spray Tanning, Brow Lamination & BB Glow. She loves providing her students with hands-on experience to give them the confidence they need to succeed.

What Our Students Are Saying About Us

I can't say enough great things about Lashforever Canada!! I did my research before choosing this school and they did not disappoint:) I've been a makeup artist for nearly 30 years and wanted to generate a larger income by adding permanent makeup and I've never looked back since! They have made my goals achievable by creating a supportive & professional NO FAIL environment that will help you every step of the way! It is never too late to achieve your dreams and be a real-life BOSS LADY!!! The staff at LFC have made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. Since starting I have taken... Nano Brow...Velvet Eyeliner...Brow Design...Lip Blushing & the BB Glow Courses. Big thanks to Lauren & Maryann for their knowledge & hospitality. If your thinking about it...stop thinking...just do it.

Barbara Saric
Dollface Make-Up & Hair

Absolutely spectacular training at Lash Forever Canada. Cannot say enough good! Beautiful professional environment, Mary Anne was so friendly, informative and caring. I did the organic spray tan course (I’m currently a lash tech & MUA) and all my clients are in love with this service! I’ve been so busy with my spray tanning business ever since. Thanks again for a lovely experience, I will definitely be back for more training.

Alyssa Skilton
Lyssydoll Makeup & Beauty Studio

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