Be a Lashfluencer!

Join Lashforever Canada's Lashfluencer Affiliate Program and get paid to show off the products you know and love!

How it Works:

Create social media posts showing your favourite Lashforever Canada product with results and a little story about why you love it so much. Share your unique promo code with your followers, and they'll receive 10% off the product!

What's in it for you:

Earn 10% commission on every item purchased through our webstore using your unique code. Each month, or when you reach $100 in commission, you'll be emailed a virtual gift card code that you can use to purchase even more of your favourites!

Ready to start?:

Email today! Please send your name, phone number, and instagram name, and tell us which Lashforever Canada* product is your favourite. Mary-Ann will be in touch within 24-48 business hours with your unique Lashfluencer code to post to your followers and you can get started!

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