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At Lashforever Canada, our mission is to provide the highest level of quality to leave you feeling confident and
powerful in your practice. We do this, by focusing on three key areas; training, product quality, and leading-edge enhancements. By focusing on these vital areas, we are able to implement the most extensive and in-depth training programs to ensure we produce the most educated and highly trained technicians in the industry.

Our certified technicians have created successful and profitable careers in the permanent makeup industry, but Lashforever's involvement does not end there. We continue to support our students by offering the best product collections in the field that will ensure professional and long-lasting results for technicians, distributors, and of course the clients.

At Lashforever Canada, you can trust that your investment in our training and product lines will advance your business, the quality of your services, and the overall experience of your clients. We are here to help you succeed! 

Lashforever Beauty Training Studio in Canada

Our Team

Lauren Spencer
Founder, Owner, Master Trainer
My journey in this amazing industry began in 2008 in the basement of my mother’s house! I was passionate about the beauty industry and wanted the independence to create my own career path. I began small and gained the trust and respect of hundreds of brow and lash clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

Empowered by my success, I opened my first store in 2013. Over the years, I have focused on advancing my expertise by acquiring extensive industry knowledge; training in Toronto, Dubai, Europe, England, and Los Angeles.

In 2012, Lashforever Canada was created. My dream was to create my own brand covering services, training and lash and brow products. I wanted to ensure that a guaranteed level of proficient training and safety was standardized in the industry. I wanted to ensure that safe, quality products were easily available to other technicians. Creating my own brand took a lot of hard work, trial and error, and never-ending hours of writing training manuals. At the end of the day, this industry has become my life.

I am committed to making a difference in training, product quality, and am determined to continuously bring outstanding customer service to our clients. I am here because I love what I do! I want to provide confidence not only to my clients but also to my students. Join me in this wonderful adventure!
Mary ann
Team Leader & Senior Trainer
When you walk into Lashforever Canada, chances are Mary-ann’s face will be the first face you see. Not only does she handle the day to day of the top training facility in North America but she has extensive background knowledge in the beauty industry and has been with us for over 6 years. She specializes in teaching BBGlow, lash extensions, lash lift and spray tanning,  and loves providing her students with hands-on experience to give them the confidence they need to succeed.
Education Coordinator & Senior Lash Trainer
From former LFC student to head trainer, Rebecca has been with Lashforever Canada for over 4 years now. Rebecca understands that being a Lash Technician means spending countless hours with clients to achieve the perfect and voluminous set of lashes. She preaches practice and patience to all of her students and is passionate about her work. She is constantly striving to learn new tricks and techniques to provide her students and clients with the ultimate lash game.
Client Concierge
After 3 years with the Lashforever Canada team, Melissa is our go-to girl. She takes care of our day to day orders and customer questions. With her extensive knowledge of both product and training, she is our right-hand gal and quickly becomes everyone’s main point of contact. Plus, she’s a creative talent who keeps us up-to-date with all the fantastic images you see online.
Client Engagement Specialist
That peppy voice you hear when you call? That’s Christine, ready to assist and tackle any industry question you may have. As a former student at Lashforever Canada, she has been trained by Owner & Head Trainer, Lauren Spencer herself. Over the past 2 years, she has continued to extend her knowledge and prides herself on continual learning and success.
Head Microblading + Nano Brow Trainer
Shiren has been working in the beauty industry for over 5 years now. She began her microblading career with us at Lashforever Canada and was personally trained by Lauren. Her extensive knowledge in permanent makeup and her professional teaching background makes her a master in the art of micropigmentation. Shiren specializes in brows and provides her students with the most advanced techniques in the industry. She is constantly working to continue her education, advance her career, and continually provides her students and clients with the best results. 
Master Volume & Lash Stylist
Tiny but mighty, you can find Pauline happily providing the most voluminous lashes to clients in our service bar. With over 4 years in the industry and 2 years with LFC team, Pauline specializes in providing clients with the perfect amount of lash to leave them feeling great about themselves.

Our Advantage

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About Us

The continual need to provide the industry's leading education has set the LFC team on the journey to becoming the best educators in North America. From top training to providing leading products, we are determined to assist you along the way to creating the lucrative and flexible career path you have always dreamed of.

Train with the Best
Lauren has travelled around the world to ensure that she is constantly learning new techniques and is a leader in the beauty industry. She has made it her mission to ensure that the LFC team is up to date with top training and are always ready to provide the best of the industry whether they are teaching or doing.
Hands on Experience
Almost all of our courses require hands-on experience with live models. This will ensure that you are receiving the best and most up-to-date training that will leave you feeling confident in your ability to practice on your own.
Leading Results
When you build a team that is constantly up-to-date with the latest beauty industry techniques you are constantly providing the best results. Not only are we a school that trains students, but we are also constantly training our staff to achieve the best. The results can be seen on each and every one of our clients.
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