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At Lashforever Canada, we are a team of dedicated professionals who are here to support you throughout your career. Our industry-leading specialists offer extensive training and are up to date with the latest technologies and education. Our team will not only provide you with the highest quality of training but also continued customer support, to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

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Accredited Training Facility

Lashforever Canada was the first accredited Microblading Training Centre in Canada but our expertise extends to the United States, Europe and Asia. Our Lash, Microblading and Permanent Makeup Instructors have been certified in eleven countries around the world.

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The products we recommend have been curated and tested extensively by our team. When you purchase our line of products, you can be assured of the quality and integrity of every brand. Shop our trusted products
with confidence!

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Introduce Lashforever Canada products
to your business and increase your sales.
With the largest collection of lashes,
microblading and enhancement supplies,
we are your go-to shop for the highest
quality of products to offer your clients.

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Lashforever Canada products offer the highest quality and longest lasting results in the industry. Order everything you need to keep you and your clients up to date, confident and beautiful.

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Our Award-Winning Courses

Classic Lash Extension Course

The need for beautiful and lushes lashes are in high demand. Our 2-day classic lash course offers comprehensive training that will
provide you with an in-depth look on multiple application techniques, how to consult and style with each individual client, how to achieve a variety of different looks, refill/touch-ups, removal application, and much more.

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Lash Lift Course 

Provide your clients natural lashes with the ultimate curl and volume. A solution that will last up to 3 months with no heaters or curlers needed.

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Semi-Permanent Mascara + Lash Lift 

Offer your clients the look of a full coat of mascara. This non-clump mascara is waterproof and voluminous, providing your clients with longer, fuller, and hassle-free lashes.

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All-in-one Pigmentation

We have created a program that offers the most thorough and in-depth training where all techniques gradually fall into one. This 6-day course, plus a co-op day, help our students master and perfect 10 exclusive techniques. This course gradually eases you into the industry, and before you know it, you will be performing at the highest level.

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Areola Pigmentation

Many refer to this procedure as the medical miracle. Our advanced areola pigmentation training allows you to gain extensive knowledge and hands on experience to help those who have undergone mastectomies due to breast cancer, other breast surgeries, or who may have irregular or fading areola’s.

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Scalp Pigmentation

This course is hosted 3-times a year and is designed for beginners and experienced artists looking to perfect and expand their artistry. Cover all aspects of scalp pigmentation needed to gain the knowledge to start a career in the medical permanent makeup field.

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Fundamental Microblading Course

The demand for a semi-permanent brow is at an all-time high.  This 3-day course can teach you how to turn the finest of hair strokes into the desired brow shape. Don't miss out on this fundamental course that can launch you into the beauty industry or continue to help you grow in your field.

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Nano Brow Pigmentation

Learn the most requested brow service in the world with our Nano brow technique. This course will teach you to create and master many different looks that will leave your clients beaming with confidence and beauty.  

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All-in-One Pigmentation

We've created a program that offers the most thorough and in-depth training available. Our aspiring permanent makeup students are instructed on ten techniques. Significant time is dedicated to mastering the skills on live models.

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What People Say About Us

Lashforever Canada is such a welcoming place. The staff and customer service are outstanding. I took the tanning course and couldn't be happier with the training and the TT&G Solution. I have never seen such natural results with spray tanning and the glow is unreal! My clients are loving it and I am OBSESSED!! I will absolutely be back to take more courses.

Rebecca King

I completed the Classic Eyelash Extension course with Mary Ann as my trainer. From the minute I walked in the doors I felt welcomed and everyone was extremely professional and helpful. Mary Ann exceeded my expectations by how thorough, patient and knowledgable she was. I feel extremely grateful for my experience at Lashforever Canada and I am confident that with the skills and assets I learned I will be a successful technician.

Kristen Hewey

I took the All in One Permanent Makeup course with Lauren & Shiren. I am already a PMU artist and microblading artist (which I trained through them for). My skills went to the next level after this class. Lauren is so passionate and knowledgable about this industry. Not only did I feel comfortable with them because it was my second time attending her school, but there is a sense of genuine care. I totally recommend Lashforever to anyone in the industry or new to it! Thanks for my skills girls!!

Jessica Perdue

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