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Why book a tour?

Booking a tour is crucial when your deciding on a training facility to further your education.

There are a lot of individuals and pop up training companies out there; did you know Lashforever Canada was the first Microblading Academy in North America to offer microblading to the public in 2014. Now you will find a lot of the individuals offering training without proper certification or qualifications to be a trainer or not having proper facility to offer the training.

At Lashforever, we are an accredited training facility with on going education on a weekly basis. When you book a tour, you will get a chance to see our training facility, in class action and ask any questions you have about our company or the training, which is why we encourage to come to the tour prepared with questions. You should be able to get a feel of the training facility your choosing to ensure that its right for you.

Book a Tour

Interested in booking a tour at Lashforever Canada? Feel free to fill out the inquiry form below one our representatives will be in touch with you to arrange a tour date.