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Distributors & Training Centres.

Experience the Lashforever standards from one of our accredited facilities across Canada.

Lashforever Canada has a collection of Accredited Distributors and/or Training Centres across Canada. They carry our brands and specific distributors also provide training under the Lashforever Canada protocols and standards. Distributors and/or training centres are not franchises and are privately owned. If you received your training or products from one of our accredited facilities, you are to contact them directly with any inquiries. We also have a collection of Distributors who do not follow our training methods but do provide their students with our products for their own individual training. Please see below the list of our Distributors and training facilities that offer Lashforever Canada training and/or products.

Please note: At no time are these distributors allowed to launch sub distributors without the signed authorization and a contract of consent from head office at Lashforever Canada located in Toronto.


Beauty Depot

Distribution & Training Facility for Lash Collection

Lavi Nails

Distribution for Lash Collection

Light Work Esthetics Ltd

Distribution for Lash Collection

British Columbia

Arts Desire

Distribution for Lash Collection

For Your Eyes Only

Distribution & Training for Lash Collection

Kenco Supply

Distribution for Lash Collection

Nail Techniques

Distribution for Lash Collection


Total Wrapture / iBrow Academy

Distribution & Training for Lash Collection / HDi Embroidery Brows


Professional Beauty Supplies

Distribution for HDi Embroidery Brow

New Brunswick

Preferred Beauty

Distribution for Lash Collection / HDi Brow Extensions


Beauty Bar PTBO

Distribution & Training for Lash Collection / HDi Embroidery Brows

Foxy Face

Distribution & Training for Lash Collection / HDi Embroidery Brows

Scizzor Hands Salon and Spa

Distribution & Training for HDi Embroidery Brow


JB Beaute

Distribution & Training Facility for Classic Lash Extensions, Microblading, Nano Brow & Ultra Trio Pigmentation


Cam Carswell

Distribution for Lash Collection & HDi Embroidery Brow / Training for Lash Collection

Cheeky Chix Boutique

  • (306) 405-0142
  • Weyburn, SK

Distribution for Lash Collection

Our Advantage

Training Standards
The most extensive in the industry.

Our training and grading process are the most extensive and indepth in the industry. Our mission is to develop the most highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians to ensure professional results. We have the highest success rate in the industry, producing over 2,000 students a year.

Accredited Facilities
Training & Distribution Nationwide.

We have a collection of highly trained and certified facilities across Canada. Our partnerships range from Wholesale & Distribution, as well as Certified Training Centres. Students can purchase our products and receive training from these certified distribution and training centres.

Technician Insurance
Preparing for student success.

Not only are we there every step of the way during the training process and throughout the grading process, but we want to ensure our students are properly insured to begin their new career in this industry. We provide our certified technicians with insurance options that best suit their new business needs.



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