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The Lashforever Canada Mission.

Extensive. Quality. Leading Edge.

At Lashforever our mission is to provide the highest level of quality in three vital areas – training, product quality and leading edge enhancements. We have implemented the most extensive and in depth training for all our courses to ensure we produce the most educated and highly trained technicians in the industry.

We stand behind the quality of our product collections and after care lines as they are superior in every aspect to ensure we provide clients with professional and long lasting results. We pride ourselves in being industry leaders in developing innovative and leading edge enhancements with our President and head trainer Lauren Spencer who is always one step ahead of the industry in developing the latest trends and creating the highest level of education and product lines to offer her technicians and distributors.

With Lashforever you can trust that your investment in our training and product lines will advance the quality of your services and the overall experience for your clients.

Our Advantage

Training Standards
The most extensive in the industry.

Our training and grading process are the most extensive and indepth in the industry. Our mission is to develop the most highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians to ensure professional results. We have the highest success rate in the industry, producing over 2,000 students a year.

Accredited Facilities
Training & Distribution Nationwide.

We have a collection of highly trained and certified facilities across Canada. Our partnerships range from Wholesale & Distribution, as well as Certified Training Centres. Students can purchase our products and receive training from these certified distribution and training centres.

Technician Insurance
Preparing for student success.

Not only are we there every step of the way during the training process and throughout the grading process, but we want to ensure our students are properly insured to begin their new career in this industry. We provide our certified technicians with insurance options that best suit their new business needs.



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